Eco Kids – About Us

eco-kids-logoEco Kids is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise

  • We write and deliver projects with environmental themes locally and nationally.
  • Our projects encourage community cohesion and sustainable living.
  • We work in the community providing classes which support families through learning opportunities which build confidence and develop essential life skills.
  • All classes include a wide range of activities all focusing on health, long term wellbeing which were environmentally sound, socially conscious and sustainable.
  • Our classes are delivered by experienced staff and volunteers with enhanced DBS disclosures (CRB) and food safety level 2 certification.
  • Classes are aligned to EYFS, Key stage 1 and Key Stage 2 national curriculum so can also be delivered within school to small groups or a whole class.

Some examples of services we provide and activities we are involved with include:

lfhw logoLove food hate waste groups

Love food hate waste groups are currently taking place in several venues across Northamptonshire. These classes serve to identify the most common food items which are left over and thrown away.

Eco Kids have been working with families to create a second nutritious meal from food which would normally be thrown away. Families have also learned to save time, money and food from being wasted by simple meal planning and portion control.

If you would like to learn more about these groups please contact us

craftsBespoke classes for schools and groups

Bespoke classes for schools and community groups are very popular. These can be delivered during school time or as an after school activity. Eco Kids provide a combination of cooking, gardening, nature and recycled art and craft which can be combined or separate clubs. We support national environmental themed weeks with a huge range of hands on activities. You can view the environmental calendar here

If you would like to learn more about these classes please contact us

abocp-aboutAbington Park Outdoor Classroom Project

Eco Kids are working with education, heritage, archaeologists, horticulture and technology experts to develop a wide range of learning resources for schools & the wider community including Mobile Phone App, Abington Park Education Pack, Tree Identification Trails, Nature / Conservation Workshops for children.

Check out our updates here. You can also follow the project & contact us on facebook

GardeningClass1Families reconnecting with outdoor growing spaces

F.R.O.G.S stands for families reconnecting with outdoor growing spaces. Eco Kids provide access to food growing through bespoke gardening and food growing courses for schools and community groups. We can grow food indoors, outdoors and in the smallest of spaces so don’t worry if land space is an issue. Many schools have taken steps to install raised beds with the intention of growing produce we can help you develop a plan to manage the growing season with hints and tips for a low maintenance garden.

Click here to view guidelines for those starting out on a school garden. Please contact us if we can support you with your school gardening projects.

Additional services and activities which we are involved with can be viewed here